A Heroine — Nettlesome

A Heroine by Missy Burkholder “A Heroine” will appear in the Leaf, the Curator’s annul print journal. Enjoy your peek between Read More ...A Heroine — Nettlesome

Of Donkeys and Dogs

Dad, for most of his life, has been a pillar and a magnet for friendless people. Gentle and untiringly invested in his numerous relationships, many of which are even more unusual than his animals, he is the perpetual recipient of the beloved animals of his friends. When they can no longer care for or house their pets, they are delivered with tearful ceremony into the hands of a man who cannot bring himself to say no. Dad is clay in the hands of such trust.

Business As Usual

I stayed in a fuzzy, gray tunnel all morning sorting baby clothes, arranging, smoothing, folding, touching, staring, refolding, piling here, then moving the pile there. It was partially the weather, partially this burgeoning pregnancy, and partially not eating an adequate breakfast.

All Creatures Great and Small

A week ago at this hour, we descended into the bewildering masses of Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh, and spent a weary day whiling away the time and supporting our exhausted toddler till we could go to bed… about the time our Canadian bodies wanted to wake up. A week later, matters have improved.... Continue Reading →


Three years and a week ago, Charles and I left for a month of traveling in Bangladesh and India. Today we are leaving again. For Bangladesh. In the last eleven years, I have made this trip nine times. I don’t mind doing it again. At all. But I’m glad the packing is over. I’ll take... Continue Reading →

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