Two Broken Rules and Endless Ideals

I am breaking two of my own rules as I type. The first broken rule is that I am writing a blog, and I have absolutely nothing to say. (Yet.) The second is that my baby is sitting on my lap while I use my laptop, exposing her to a screen.

Ichabod- Where is the glory?

In this world, I find a plethora of Pinterest pins, Instagram, t-shirts with sayings, worded baby onesies, coffee mug quips, Whatsapp statuses and such like; inspiration comes cheap, quotes a dime a dozen, and I am reluctant to add to the chatter, the re-sharing, the constant deluge of thoughts from great thinkers and wise men... Continue Reading →

Aviation Perpetual

Charles, fearing lest he should gain a reputation for the peripheral things about his personality that I so dearly love to write about, suggested that I should write about he, his brothers, and airplanes... something interesting, he said, not meaning the brothers but the airplanes.

From my library

(A post for people who like books. It may be a disappointment to you if you do not enjoy reading. It may also be a disappointment to you if you do enjoy reading.)

A Big One and a Little One

I often think of this picture when bearing about my miniature woman with me or sporting together like two sea mammals at bathtime. When I saw these monkeys at a zoo in India, I said, "Look. There's a big one and a little one!" We are a big one and a little one.

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